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A European Vacation You Can Afford

I first heard of the Camino de Santiago (translated into the Way of St. James) when I lived in Germany


Jyske Bank turns to Spiir for PSD2 play

One of the largest Danish Banks draws first blood in the Nordic PSD2 game. The third largest bank Jyske Bank


Can refugees help to plug Europe’s skilled-labour gaps?

THE canteen of Stockholm University could scarcely be more Swedish. Young blond students sip coffee and tap away on Macs.


Merrill Lynch reviewing ban on commissions-paying retirement accounts

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The head of Bank of America Corp’s Merrill Lynch Wealth Management on Friday said the firm


How to Overcome Projection Bias with Your Finances

One of my favorite exercises for planning ahead for the future is for people to make a detailed picture of


Ask Stacy: I’m 50 — Should I Go Back to School for a Master’s Degree?

Photo by Monkey Business Images / Welcome to “Ask Stacy,” a short video feature answering money questions submitted by


Best Banks and Credit Unions in Florida 2018

If you make your home in the Sunshine State, lots of people are jealous of you. They might be thinking


NYDFS grants Xapo virtual currency license

Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo today announced that the Department of Financial Services has granted a virtual currency license


Plans to privatise India’s flag-carrier have run into turbulence

AFTER a plane crash, air-safety investigators are dispatched to the wreckage site to find out what went wrong and ensure


In Natus proxy fight, Glass Lewis supports Voce nominees

BOSTON (Reuters) – Influential proxy-advisory firm Glass Lewis & Co recommended that Natus Medical Incorporated shareholders remove two company nominated


Strategies for Financial Success on a Very Small Income

Most of the articles I write for The Simple Dollar are targeting people who make somewhere in the ballpark of


Ask Stacy: Should I Sell My House to an As-Is, All-Cash Buyer?

Photo by Theresa Martinez / Welcome to “Ask Stacy,” a short video feature answering money questions submitted by readers


Why Brand Loyalty Makes Some Blind to Retail Cards’ Flaws

For David Parada, a teacher in Ontario, California, there’s just something he likes about his Nordstrom credit card, and it


Is Monzo’s new IFTTT service the Initial Operational Test for IOT i…

Monzo, the British neobank, this week announced an integration with the world’s largest automation platform, IFTTT. Their objective is to give customers


Donald Trump lobs a grenade from afar into the G7

FOR a moment, the Group of Seven (G7) leaders attending their annual summit, in a mountain village in Quebec, looked


Investors push for board seats to help wind down Ranger Direct fund

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Two large investors in Ranger Direct Lending Fund, Oaktree Capital Management and LIM Advisors, said they


Questions About Strawberries, Compound Interest, Spotify, Carbonated Water, TSP, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words.


A Successful Uber Driver Partner Shares His Top 7 Tips

Photo by Lemusique / Unlike many drivers who work part-time, David Lowell is a real deal, full-time Uber driver


How to Get More Bang for Your Beauty Buck

Cosmetic advertisements are everywhere — YouTube tutorials, Instagram posts, traditional print media — making them hard to avoid and even


Reaping the rewards from robotic

20 minutes ago | 0 David Bannister, Senior Analyst, Ovum, talks at NextGen Banking London: The AI Revolution, about the difference between


People going on stag and hen dos are disrupting flights too often

NOTE to travellers headed to a stag do: the festivities begin at your destination, not on the plane that is taking


Vanguard internal dividend up most since 1997-adviser

BOSTON (Reuters) – Vanguard Group Inc raised a profit-sharing dividend for employees by 16.5 percent for 2017, the largest increase


Ten Inexpensive (and Quick) Ways to Liven Up Cooking at Home

One of the biggest money savers that Sarah and I have ever incorporated into our lives is to make cooking


The 50 Happiest Communities in America

Andy Dean Photography / Whether you’re planning a move and considering the best areas for raising children or you’re


Stop and Smell the Rosé at These 5 Napa Vineyards

If you are looking for stunning countryside scenery, incredible food and legendary wine, you don’t have to look much further


Senior Ripple veteran Vijay Chetty joins SharesPost

SharesPost, a leading provider of late-stage private company liquidity solutions and private capital markets research, has announced that Vijay Chetty


Aviation’s most outspoken boss thinks women cannot do his job

THE International Air Transport Association (IATA), a trade association for airlines, was founded in 1945 to promote the interests of


U.S. money market funds see biggest inflows in nearly five years: Lipper

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Investors flooded U.S.-based money market funds with the most cash in nearly five years in the


How to Plan a Really Cheap Weekend Getaway

Every once in a great while, I’ll send my wife a message like this: Don’t plan anything this weekend &


The 3 Best Credit Cards for Earning Hotel Rewards

Photo by Ditty_about_summer / Ever had one of those road trips where suddenly what everyone wanted was a good


Buying Tires Online Can Save You Money

It may sound surprising, but buying tires online simplifies the shopping process and will likely save you money. » SIGN


What Are The Main Responsibilities Of a Board In Corporate Risk Man…

When it comes to Corporate Risk Management and Governance, a company’s Board of Directors will play a vital and pivotal


There is madness, but perhaps also method, in America’s trade policies

DIVINING meaning in the Trump administration’s trade announcements is a thankless task. No sooner does a policy seem settled than


Wells Fargo pulls back from U.S. Midwest, selling 52 branches to Flagstar

(Reuters) – Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) is pulling back from retail banking in the U.S. Midwest, selling all of


The Power of Long Term Thinking – and Strategies for Encouraging Long Term Thinking

It was early July 2006, and my wife and my infant son and I were traveling to Minnesota for a


Avoid Surprise Fees on Your “All-Inclusive” Vacation

Nothing quite says vacation like sipping a mai tai under a palm tree by a pool. But having that drink


Q: Pay Off Debt or Save for Retirement? A: Both

One of the biggest challenges to making smart money decisions is that many important goals compete for our limited dollars.


SIA claims 5 million Jiffy users

Jiffy, the service developed by SIA to pay, send and receive money in real time from one’s smartphone using the


The number of new banks in America has fallen off a cliff

THE single-storey main branch of the Texas Hill Country Bank, in Kerrville, sits at the back of a tired shopping


Insurer Lincoln National could see upside: Barron’s

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. insurer Lincoln National Corp could deliver shareholder returns of 20 percent or more in the


Nine Jobs That Let You Travel the World for Free

Travel can be a life-changing experience, but it can also be a costly one. Whether you want to travel full-time


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OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts for Your Car: How to Choose

Choosing between original and aftermarket car parts — and even used parts of either type — is all about squaring your priorities


GDPR concerns as TSB bungles IT meltdown apology letter

The fallout from TSB’s recent IT meltdown continues, with customers who complained about the fiasco being sent letters containing information


In investing, as in poker, following rules works best

AT THE annual World Series of Poker, which begins this week in Las Vegas, the main event is the no-limit


All the right notes: First jobs of famous musicians

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Without music, life would be a mistake, according to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. FILE PHOTO:


How to Sign Up for a Roth IRA

Daniel writes in: I decided to sign up for a Roth IRA and started the process at Vanguard but it’s


107 Ways to Make Extra Money

a katz / No matter how carefully you plan, money can run a little short at times. Maybe your


What Is APY? – NerdWallet

APY is short for “annual percentage yield.” Almost all savings accounts, and some checking accounts, have one. The higher it is, the


The FX Global Code: The EU Shows Support

When the FX Global Code was released in London nearly one year ago on May 25, 2017, it offered up a common


America’s security profiling at airports should worry frequent flyers

ARE you on America’s newest airport-security watch list? You could be, but you would never know. That is because the


Italian imbroglio splits hedge funds on bank bets

LONDON (Reuters) – Hedge funds are split on how to position billions of dollars in bets they have taken on


The High Probability of Low Probability Events

As many of you know, I keep a pocket notebook where I jot down ideas and things I need to


Soak up History With This Mediterranean Cruise Deal

Inu / If you’re yearning for relaxation on a sparkling sea with time to savor art and history, this


How I Ditched Debt: Paying With Cash, Working Side Gigs

In this series, NerdWallet interviews people who have triumphed over debt using a combination of commitment, budgeting and smart financial


Intelligent Machines and FX Trading

Many commentators and research analysts believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to transform the foreign trade, for example; by


Why airliners in Cuba and Iran crash so much

WHEN the dream of a smooth flight turns into the nightmare of an airliner crash, understanding what went wrong is


Hedge fund Jana Partners has no shares in Casey’s Stores: spokesman

BOSTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Jana Partners said on Wednesday it was not invested in Casey’s General Stores Inc after speculation


Questions About Retirement, Motivation, Eggs, Time Management, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words.


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3 C’s Simplify Complex Rules for Flying With Pets

As airlines tweak their policies on bringing a pet on a flight, flyers traveling with their animals this summer must



Big thank you to 4500+ Finextra members who opened Part 1. I hope Part 2 keeps you equally interested. PART


Dear oil helps some emerging economies and harms others

When they are not fretting about the American dollar or Chinese debt, policymakers in emerging economies keep a close eye


Ideology threatens to trump facts in official Medicare handbook

CHICAGO (Reuters) – In September, the federal government will mail a handbook on Medicare enrollment to 43 million households. “Medicare


How I Get Things Done

One of the most regular questions I get from readers centers around how I manage my time and focus. The


11 Money-Saving Household Hacks Using Everyday Items

Keith Homan / It was the mayonnaise trick that sold me. I have a grade-school daughter, and let’s just


Memorial Day vs. Presidents Day: Which Has the Best Deals?

Memorial Day is May 28: Another holiday weekend, another holiday sale, right? But not so fast — are these retail blowouts


ConsenSys to open Dublin innovation studio

ConsenSys, a blockchain company, announced its expansion into Ireland with the Dublin Innovation Studio, expected to open in June of


Tailor shops are a thriving pocket of enterprise in Pyongyang

WALK down the streets of Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, and at first sight the passers-by look rather uniform. The women


The next frontier in workplace wellness: financial health

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Study after study shows that money stress can be as bad for workplace productivity as back


Five Reasons You Shouldn’t ‘Sell in May and Go Away’

You may have heard the popular idiom that when it comes to your investments, you should “sell in May and


7 Lessons 401(k) Millionaires Can Teach You

Photo by VIACHESLAV KRYLOV / A sudden surge of wealth has lifted many Americans into the category of millionaire


13 Flying Hacks Parents of Toddlers Should Know

Earlier this year, my wife and I took our nearly 2-year-old twin boys on their first plane trip. We were


Sage integrates PayPal

Sage (FTSE: SGE), the market leader in cloud business management solutions, today announced it is partnering with PayPal, to enable


The sexual harassment of flight attendants is a massive problem

OVER the past year, there have been myriad stories in the press about airlines mistreating passengers. Last April David Dao,


Corvex, Icahn to mull bid for oil and gas producer Energen

BOSTON (Reuters) – Activist hedge fund manager Keith Meister and billionaire investor Carl Icahn said they may try to buy


Questions About Textbooks, Food Waste, Conferences, Credit Scores, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words.


6 Companies That Give Free Credit Scores to the General Public

Photo by REDPIXEL.PL / It’s easier than ever to get your credit score for free. In recent years, credit


6 Ways to Build Your Credit in Less Than an Hour

It’s true — there’s no shortcut to achieving a good credit score. It takes years of paying your bills on


Basware launches virtual assistant for procurement

Basware, the global leader in networked source-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing and innovative financing services, has launched Basware Assistant, a new chatbot


McKinsey manages to get itself sued for racketeering

MOBSTERS, gangsters and bent cops have all been tried under America’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (RICO) Act. Might consultants


Ackman says Pershing Square Holdings up 0.1 percent this year

BOSTON (Reuters) – Two days after billionaire investor William Ackman told clients that he was making money across all his


Save Time, Money, Effort (or Maybe All Three) by Choosing the Right Mower for Your Yard

Every job has the right tool, and every lawn has the right lawnmower. Much as a sledgehammer makes a poor


9 Houseplants Proven to Remove Toxins From Indoor Air

Photo by / For our first Valentine’s Day, my husband brought home two dozen long-stem red roses. I


6 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Favorite Brand’s Credit Card

When Starbucks launched a rewards credit card this year, and when Uber did so last fall, it was a big


Nordic banks plan major digital transformation of operations

Banks in the Nordic region will invest heavily in technology to reduce operational costs as previous investments in digital services


Toyota takes a winding road to autonomous vehicles

UBER’s fleet of autonomous vehicles has been parked up since one of its self-driving cars struck and killed a woman


The Challenge of Sentimental Items

For many of us, the largest expense we’ll ever tackle in our lives is our housing. The cost of owning


AmEx Boosts Bonuses for Some Hilton Credit Cards (Limited Time)

For a limited time, American Express has increased the welcome offers on some Hilton Honors credit cards. Frequent Hilton guests who qualify for the


BofA begins full scale rollout of AI chatbot

Bank of America is rolling out the first widely available AI-driven virtual assistant of its kind in financial services, Erica,


Morgan Stanley uses Amazon Alexa to inform customers

Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly US investment bank Morgan Stanley is sharing information, including market insights, with customers via the Amazon


Boeing’s antics at the World Trade Organisation risk a trade war

GULLIVER’S regular readers might be interested in an article in this week’s print edition about Boeing’s partial victory in a


U.S. bank stock gains may stall after two-year rally

(Reuters) – After two years of sharp gains for U.S. bank stocks, investors betting on another big boost for 2018


Using The Pareto Principle to Improve Your Finances

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 rule or the law of the vital few, is an observation that